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Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from New Delhi, we offer event management, rfid solar panel solutions, rfid livestock management system, rfid laundry management system, campus management and rfid logistics tracking management.
Event Management

Event Management

Rs 90,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service Modeoffline
Service LocationPan India
RFID Enabled Events, Conferences & Exhibitions:
  • RFID based solution for the event management can help exhibitors to track stall activity and measure additional revenue opportunities and automatically analyze individual attendee stall visits. ID Tech‘s innovative, esthetic and slim antennas can be deployed to be invisible to users or to blend in with stall decorations without providing any distractions to the stall design. Our small and thin RFID antennas mounted close to the posters or LCDs or can be easily mounted on walls, are ideally suited as an information request point for exhibit booths visitors as well as organizing competitions and appraisals for visitors.
  • Our solution includes the RFID reader for reading all types of RFID tags and RFID wristbands. For a different type of requirement, we have different types of RFID tags for events like RFID cards, RFID wristbands, RFID key fobs, etc. A wide range of RFID wristbands is also available for different purposes such as silicon RFID wristbands, disposable Wristbands, PVC wristbands, as per the requirement and the needs of the clients. We have the complete solution for the tracking and management of the events, parties, exhibitors, conferences, live concerts, games, amusement parks and many more. These RFID wristbands can be put to various uses at promotional or other events. Copies of the wristband can be provided to the visitors which will then be read or interrogated by RFID readers installed at the event venue. Used in this fashion, immensely useful in event management, right from regulating access to visitors to streamlining crowd management and transactions at the event venue. The required degree of customization and branding tweaks can make the use of this wristband an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. These are not only for accessing and hassle-free access but also been used for the cashless transaction, without being worry of losing anything important.

Advantages of RFID Event Management System:

  • Accurately measuring attendance tracking of events, session, training, conference
  • Attendee behavior, analysis, and reporting
  • Providing Return on Attendance (ROA)
  • Innovative non-invasive attendance tracking & reporting
  • Accurate session attendance reporting
  • Cashless Transaction
  • Ease of Access
  • VIP culture and access for the VIP people
  • Marketing and a style statement

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RFID Solar Panel Solutions

RFID Solar Panel Solutions

Rs 1,100  / WattGet Best Price
Country of OriginMade in India
Why RFID in Solar PV Modules/Panels?
  • The government has mandated that each solar panel or photovoltaic (PV) module must carry an RFID tag so that it can be easily identified and tracked throughout its useful life. For the large solar projects in India, these are subsidized by MNRE and is executed by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) under VGF (Viability Gap Funding) Securitization Agreement. Solar PV raw materials (cell, module) needs to be tagged with RFID internally or externally.
  • Currently, barcode technology is being used which can be cloned easily, whereas RFID has secure Unique ID (UID) which can’t clone. So coequal solar PV module can’t use under multiple projects to get subsidiary from the Government.
  • Automatic authentication of modules and its raw materials.
  • Electronics Distribution Proof (EDP) and better inventory management.
  • Unique electronic ID for each solar PV panel.


MNRE GUIDELINES For RFID Solar Panel Solutions:
  • Each PV module used in any solar power project must use an RFID tag for identification.
  • The RFID tag used on each module can be inside or outside the laminate and withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • The RFID tag should last for 25 years.
  • Each RFID tag must be encoded with the name of the module manufacturer and the solar cells; the month, year and country of manufacture for the module and the cells; The module’s technical characteristics, such as its wattage and expected performance statistics; and a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.


Advantages of Solar Panel Identification or Solar Panel Tracking:
  • Real-time audit and traceability.
  • Decreasing lost and stolen supplies.
  • Elimination of error-prone due to manual audit processes.
  • Time profound line of sight oversights is no longer required.
  • To retrieve the required readings of the Panel immediately as per JNNSM guidelines.
  • To draw the I-V Curve immediately, using the readings stored in the tag
  • Improved manageability through a single unified panel registration system across multiple sites;
  • The decreased workload on panel administrators, allowing redeployment to other critical projects;
  • Reducing the time staff spends searching for an inventory of panel
  • Enhanced visibility & greater transparency.
  • Ability to write to track the defective modules whenever required.
  • Avoiding duplication at the time of production.
  • Ability to write & read all manufacturing related data at the source.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Simple GUI for handling.
  • More susceptible to rough environmental conditions.


Mandatory information to be mentioned in the RFID TAG used on each solar panel: 
  • Name of the manufacturer of the PV module.
  • Name of the manufacturer of solar cells.
  • Unique Serial No and Model No of the module.
  • Time profound line of sight oversights is no longer required.
  • Date and year of achieving IEC PV module ability certificate.
  • Name of the test lab issuing IEC certificate.

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RFID Livestock Management System

RFID Livestock Management System

Rs 75,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Length45.0 mm +/- 1.0 mm
Overall Level Length6 +/- 1.8 mm
Long80 +/- 0.5 mm
Diameter1.95 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Service TypeLivestock Management System
Benefits of Livestock Tracking Management System:
  • Diminish pilferage, shrinkage, and misfortune through improved observing of RFID labels Animals.
  •  The record gathered by Livestock tracking solution can be transferred into many key animal management software packages.
  •  Record what you need for example Calving date, Vaccination data, Hormones, weight gain, weight reduction, prescriptions
  •  Track the health of the domesticated animal’s performance and the calculate and visualize each animal or groups.

How We Can Help You?

  • ID Tech Solutions o???ers high-quality Animal Visual Identi???cation Ear Tags for Livestock Identification that exceed industry standards. As an ID Tech Solutions customer, you’ll bene???t from the proven track record for innovation, new products, and unparalleled product delivery and services. We provide these tags of different sizes, color, and shape as per the requirement of the customer. Being the manufacturer of the tags we are leaders and the providers of the premium quality tags all over India at best price.
  • Needle Protector Cap (polypropylene)
  • Biothermo Micro Transponder
  • Needle AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Introducer body with nozzle polypropylene
  • Plunger polypropylene
  • Physical Parameter
  • Length: 45.0 mm +/- 1.0 mm
  • Length 12 mm x Diameter 2.12 mm
  • O.D.: 2.60-2.65mm
  • I.D.: 2.30-2.35mm
  • Overall level length: 6mm +/- 1.8mm
  • Angle of needle: 17º +/- 0.05mm
  • Silicon coated tip
  • Color- White or customized
  • Long- 135mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Wide- 48 mm +/-0 .60mm
  • Color- white or customized
  • Long- 80mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Diameter- 1.95 mm +/- 0.05 mm
  • Stylus length- 32 mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Stylus diameter- 1.95 mm +/-0.1mm

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RFID Laundry Management System

RFID Laundry Management System

Rs 70,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service TypeLaundry Management System
Service LocationPan India
Advantages of RFID Laundry Automation or RFID Laundry Management System
  • Strengthen Customer Relations Eliminate shipping errors and disputes with customers. Validate all shipments and receipts at customer locations. Provide the customer with inventory and laundry activity reports.
  • Identify Customer Losses 100% control of customer-owned and rental inventory by tracking individual items.
  • Cut Labor Costs Eliminate manual counting and recordkeeping. Automate sorting by the customer and by the employee for uniforms.
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities Provide additional value-added services to customers with UHF-RFID inventory tracking and accurate reporting.
  • Reduce Purchases Reduce purchases of laundry-owned rental inventory by 5% or more by knowing exactly what to buy to maintain quality standards and optimum inventory levels.

Provides Critical Information:

  • Customer-owned and rental inventory by location (At Laundry, In Transit, and At Customer).
  • Know instantly when items are checked-in soiled and shipped out clean.
  • Validate deliveries are correct and timely at customer locations.
  • Always know where every item is located and who is responsible.
  • Charge by the piece and automate billing by customer and departments.
  • Charge customers for repairs and special treatments of items.
  • Customize rental programs for linens and uniforms.
  • Monitor productivity within the laundry for various tasks (repairs, pressing, etc.).
  • Aging of inventory (customer-owned and rental) based on the number of wash cycles.
  • Ensure quality control and forecast purchases of rental inventory.
  • Inventory value for rental and customer-owned by the department.

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Campus Management

Campus Management

Rs 85,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Nature Of BusinessService Provider
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service LocationPan India
 RFID Based Campus Management Automates:
  • Student life cycle comprising of Online Admissions & Fees, Academics, Class Attendance, e-Learning, Examination & Results, Training & Placement, Hostel, Bus and Library Management.
  • Faculty life cycle comprising of: Teaching & Class attendance, Valuation & Marks entry, HRMS – Payslip, Online Leave, Service Book, PF & Income tax.
  • School & College Administration comprising of Accounts & Finance, Purchase & Stores, HRMS, Web & Alumni, Library, Transportation, Dispatch.
Why RFID Campus Management System?
  • One-stop Solution: Manage all your activities and tasks of campus from a single platform.
  • Better, faster decisions: Provides precise & accurate information to end users for better decision.
  • Reduced Workload: Automated tasks enable teachers & faculty to focus more on teaching.
  • Centralized Database: Organize & store all key data in a unified database.
  • Streamlined Processes: The deployed workflow-based system ensures streamlined processes.
  • Reduced Cost: Automated tasks reduce man-hours which reduce the cost of operations.
  • No Queues: The students can apply online for admission & pay fees online 24*7 instead of 3 hours in a queue.
  • Paperless Operations: Since all operations are carried out through ERP, the need for paper documentation is eliminated.

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RFID Logistics Tracking Management

RFID Logistics Tracking Management

Rs 65,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Mode Of ServiceOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service LocationPan India
Service TypeLogistics Tracking Management
RFID Logistics Tracking Management & Supply Chain Solution As the RFID increases the value of products and services in the warehouse supply chain:
The advantages of RFID technology in Logistics go well beyond that to control the development and storage of materials all through the supply chain. Our Latest RFID tags and updated technology can change the manner in which they manage logistics and supply chain, add to the improvement of administrations, better serve clients, improve item quality, reduce time, cost appropriation and materials handling.
  • Store Product Records And Information Addition To Item Code.
  • RFID Resource Type Can Send Information, Sodden Circumstance Characteristic, Temperature And Even The Definite Area Is Combined With A GPS.
  • RFID UHF Can Achieve In Excess Of 10 Meters, Depending On Condition.
  • Reading Capacity And Composing Information.
  • RF Catch Protests In Non-Uniform Movement.
  • Reading Does Not Need To Be Static And Straight As The Scanner Label.
  • Catch Greater Distance than the Optical Reader
  • Recording Single Source Item Or Part are non-editable (Read As It Were).
  • Reuse Of The RFID Tag.

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RFID File Tracking Management

RFID File Tracking Management

Rs 87,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service LocationPan India
Service TypeFile Tracking Management

Documents or Files are precious and important for any kinds of company or organization, they are worth and Intellectual Property. On the off chance that an organization having an enormous measure of records of files and documents. According to survey reports said that 20-25 documents are lost in the working place. Moreover, Officer Workers spends hundreds of hours each year searching for the documents that have been lost. Then it is very important to manage those valuable documents. Fortunately, there are now advanced solutions to avoid Inefficiencies associated with RFID based File Tracking Management.

Why RFID is required for File Tracking:

  • RFID File Tracking Systems are developed and designed to decrease the office worker’s time spent on managing and maintaining hundreds or thousands of documents inside a working place. Many organizations nowadays are using basic techniques to manage documents, for example, in sequential order recording, color-coded filling or standardized identifications (barcode). RFID document management system has turned out to be progressively technology in file tracking and give employee enhanced visibility while saving time spent on inventory counts and searching for lost documents and file.

How does RFID File Work?   

  • The RFID readers need no line of sight to read RFID tags and are capable of reading multiple tags simultaneously from a distance of multiple meters (adjustable).
  • Each tag has a unique tag ID, the file management system is free from any kind of counterfeiting. The file management system is also equipped with an extremely secure Anti-theft system.
  • The monitoring module continuously monitors the movement of files across the gates, so that the files taken out without prior issuing are traced and the management will be informed about it by an automatic alarm generated instantly.
  • The searching module provides the fast searching of files using RFID handheld reader. It will also help in Accounting/Stock verification of the materials.


Benefits of RFID File Tracking System 
  • Time utilization for Searching through documents will Increment.
  • Inventory will give you the Proper list of Missing and Misplaced files
  • Provides Check-In/Check-Out history of each record with the goal that you can know the path and order of document development from one worker to another or one department to another.
  • In the event that documents moves from IT Department to Finance Department, at that point you can get which individual has discharged the file and which individual is having the record from how much time with only one click.

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Foxgent Technology

Foxgent Technology

Rs 50,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Service ModeOnline, Offline
Service LocationPan India
Service Duration1 Week
Self-Rapid check-out / check-in Kiosk:
  • RFID library automation reduces the amount of total time required to perform the complete process either. The most significant time savings are attributable that information can be read from RFID tags much faster as compared with barcodes and also multiple at the same time that too with a distance. While initially unreliable, the anti-collision algorithm that allows an entire stack to be check-out or check-in now appears to be working well.

High Reliability:

  • The RFID readers are highly reliable with the RFID tags within the books. The RFID library systems claim an almost 100 percent detection rate using RFID tags.
  • There is no false alarm than with older technologies once an RFID system is properly tuned.
  • RFID systems encode the circulation status on the RFID tag. This is done by designating a bit as the “theft” (EAS) bit and turning it off at the time of check-out and on at the time of check-in. If the material that has not been properly check-out is taken past the exit sensors, an immediate alarm is triggered.

High-speed inventorying:

  • One of the biggest advantages of RFID Based Library Management system is its ability to scan books on the shelves without tipping them out or removing them, with a distance using the RFID handheld reader. A hand-held inventory reader can be moved rapidly across a shelf of books to read all of the unique identification information. Also, using wireless technology, it is possible not only to update the inventory but also to identify items which are not placed at the designated place or which is missing from which shelf.

Long tag life:

  • These RFID tags being used for labeling the books are last longer than barcodes because nothing comes into contact with them. These tags also cannot be tampered in normal condition until and unless someone has intentionally done the damage to it. Most RFID vendors claim a minimum of 100,000 transactions before a tag may need to be replaced.

Automated materials handling (optional):

  • Another application of RFID technology is automated materials handling. This includes conveyor and sorting systems that can move library materials and sort them by category into separate bins or onto separate carts. This significantly reduces the amount of staff time required to ready materials for re-shelving.
  • This RFID library management system is being used widely in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions which now has become the part of campus automation only. Through this RFID library automation, the entire track record of the student can be kept for further issuance of the books depending on the previous records. If the complete campus is RFID automated then with a single RFID card ( ID card) all the records can be easily at one place only.
  • This application also can be used at various events and for promotional activities. This application can be easily installed at any site and users can use it for any type of cashless transactions by using with a compatible card reader. The card which will then be read or interrogated by readers installed at the event venue. These are also used in fashion, is immensely useful in event management, right from regulating the number of transactions to the total amount of transaction, so that the analyzing can be done for better management to streamlining crowd management and transactions at the event venue for marketing purpose as well. The required degree of customization and branding tweaks can make the use of this cashless application is an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience.

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E-Purse Application

E-Purse Application

Rs 90,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Packaging TypeBox
ApplicationStore, Restaurant, Service Shop, Gift Shop, Library, Bar, University, Gym, Health Club
We are offering E-Purse Application to our client 

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  • RFID Hospital Management System
  • RFID Hospital Management System
RFID Hospital Management System

RFID Hospital Management System

Rs 90,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Service LocationPan India
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service TypeHospital Management System

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Asset & Inventory Tracking

Asset & Inventory Tracking

Rs 70,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Service ModeOffline
Service Duration1 Week
Service LocationPan India
Service TypeAsset & Inventory Tracking

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